Tastings: Gadgets Galore Part 2

The first thing to catch your eye as you enter Ristorante del Lago is the  stunning floor to ceiling wood fired oven that bakes the satisfying selection of pizzas from the menu.  Pizzas bake at between 700 and 800 degrees, and at peak performance the oven can turn out 100 wood fired pizzas in just one hour.  The mixture of pecan, cherry, and apple woods burn extremely hot to get a crispy crust, and add a subtle wood fired flavor to your pizza.  Chef Justin’s favorite is the House Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Pizza, which goes perfectly with a Bianco wine on tap at the bar.



Next to the wood fired oven is the eye catching red Sambonet Rotisserie.  Though it isn’t Italian, this kitchen instrument is a small nod to Executive Chef Bertrand Bouquin and his French roots.  For dinner the rotisserie is full of whole chickens roasting in the blue flames.  Chef Justin shares that it is the low and slow cooking that gives the chicken a crispy skin and melt-in-your-mouth tender meat.  In the bottom, baby potatoes rest after being oven roasted to catch the flavorful drippings from the chicken for a savory side dish.



If wood fired pizzas, Parma prosciutto, and rotisserie chicken aren’t enough to spark your appetite, Ristorante del Lago also makes fresh pasta with our very own Pama Roma pasta machine.  Dough ingredients are added to the top of the machine, where they are mixed to a consistency similar to that of wet sand.  Chef Justin then attaches the appropriate die to the front of the machine and allows the dough to be forced through the form to make pastas of all sizes.  The pasta maker can also make and fill raviolis, and cut sheets of pasta into any size strand!  After it is cut, the pasta briefly air dries before being stored in the refrigerator to maintain the proper humidity level.



To cook the pasta, Chef Justin places it in the Pasta Dipper where it takes a quick bath in boiling water.  He then adds your favorite meats and sauces for the perfect Italian dish!  The portion sizes of Ristorante del Lago allow you to sample several courses so you can taste how well these gadgets work for yourself!


RDL pasta2med

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert!  To finish your meal Ristorante del Lago offers classic Italian desserts like tiramisu and house-made gelato.

RDL tiramisu

The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb

All of us at The Broadmoor hope everyone enjoyed The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) that took place a few weeks ago. For those of you who enjoy sporting events, especially those who love races, we bet you’re asking yourself, “What is there to do in Colorado now that the best race of the summer is over?” Well, we can help you out! On August 24, The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb’s 5th annual race will take place. Just like the PPIHC, there will be plenty of activities that will take place leading up to the big race day.


The Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb is the ultimate test for USA Professional cyclists. The athletes compete on the same course that the race cars and motorcycles race up that has a distance of 20km, a maximum grade of 10.5% and an elevation increase of 4,150 feet.


The exciting aspect about this race is that even though the official race is only for USA pro cyclists, there will also be a “fun ride” provided for amateur cyclists the same day. Depending on their level of experience, amateurs can chose to race in a 5km, 10km or the full 20km up the Pikes Peak Highway. Rest stops will be provided along the way for when the going gets tough.


The “fun ride” will be a part of the Rocky Mountain State Games where all ages and levels are able to compete.  Amateir cyclists can register at www.cocycling.com

Pikes Peak Hill Climb - SP2948

The Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb is the conclusion to Cycling Week that takes place from August 18 to the 24th. Festivities include a number of cycling events highlighted by the USA Pro Challenge – Stage 4 that takes place in and around Colorado Springs on August 21, and actually stages and starts right here at The Broadmoor.


With all these exciting races, you are sure to get your fix of watching races this summer.

For more information on The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb please visit:


For more information on the USA Pro Challenge please visit:


Movie Schedule: July 22- July 31

The Broadmoor’s movie theater is free and open to guests with showings each evening and matinees on the weekend. if you’re staying with us in the next couple of weeks here’s what to expect. Feel free to stop by Espresso’s in the main lobby before the show to pick up a snack and bring it with you. See you there!

Tuesday July 22nd

7pm Redwood Highway - PG-13

Wednesday July 23rd

7pm Non-Stop- PG-13

Thursday July 24th

7pm Pompeii-PG-13

Friday July 25th

7pm Redwood Highway - PG-13

Saturday July 26th

12pm Charlotte’s Web- G

7pm Non-Stop – PG-13

Sunday July 27th

2pm The Great Buck Howard- PG

7pm Pompeii- PG-13

Monday July 28th

7pm Redwood Highway - PG-13

Tuesday July 29th

7pm Non-Stop- PG-13

Wednesday July 30th

7pm Pompeii- PG-13

Thursday July 31st

7pm Redwood Highway- PG-13


Tastings: Gadgets Galore!

If you haven’t dined at Ristorante del Lago yet, you need to reserve your table today!  With a warm and inviting interior designed by Adam D. Tihany, you can enjoy a relaxing evening at a table with a lakeside view.  The menu reflects dishes hand picked by our chefs from the finest culinary regions of Italy, with classics like Saltimbocca and Lasagne.  To create these delectable dishes, Chef de Cuisine Justin Miller and his talented team have a variety of kitchen gadgets directly imported from Italy to create the most authentic meals possible.

Justin Miller resized

The Aging Room of Ristorante del Lago sits in the back right corner of the restaurant and proudly boasts a variety of the best Italian meat and cheese we could find.  One of only a few in the country, this room stores Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano and other imported products at the perfect temperature.  Set between 55 to 58 degrees, the meats and cheeses in the Aging Room continue to mature for more reinforced and complex flavors.

aging room

The contents of the Aging Room are the finest from Italy, and all come with their own unique backgrounds.  Prosciutto di Parma comes from the heart of the Parma River Valley, where Giovanni Tosini carries on his family business started in 1905.  From selecting the feed to determining the age and weight of each animal slaughtered, Giovanni is involved in each step of creating the best Prosciutto di Parma possible.



Giant wheels of Parmigian Reggiano carry five generations of experience from the Serra family.  They control every part of production from growing grass, milking, cooking, and aging all on property, and give their Bruna Alpina brown cows a high quality life to produce the rich milk used to make the cheese.


Along with the meats and cheeses, the Aging Room also sports authentic Balsamico di Modena made by the Cattani family, who grow their own grapes, and carefully age the balsamic vinegar  in a process completely done by hand.  The olive oil of Ristorante del Lago comes from a family that also makes some of the best Chianti wines of the Florence region.  A few grape stems and leaves are intentionally ground into the mixture to  create a rich and herbaceous flavor like no other oil.


To slice our perfectly marbled Parma Hams, Ristorante del Lago has a 50th Anniversary Parma Slicer, which commemorates the high standards Parma holds for their ham.  The meat must come from the Parma region of Italy, and farmers have to obtain special permits to certify their ham as the finest quality.  The gleaming 18 inch blade slices the prosciutto paper thin, while the platform shifts with every crank to ensure each slice is precisely the same thickness.  A smaller Parma slicer cuts imported salami and mortadella, all of which go on a board to create a delicious Antipasti Misti to begin your meal.


RDL Anti Pasti Misti

This is only the beginning of the gadgets!  Check out next Thursday’s Tastings to learn about pizzas, pastas, and rotisseries at Ristorante del Lago!


The Heritage Museum

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing activity to supplement a day full golf or simply for a break between meetings, The Penrose Heritage Museum here at The Broadmoor is a great place to visit. This is especially true with its recent addition of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb museum.Exterior - Plazamed

The Penrose Heritage Museum introduces The Pikes Peak Hill Climb Museum featuring 4,000 sq. ft. of artifacts and memorabilia from the history of The Broadmoor’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Included in the collection is the first motorized vehicle to climb the mountain and digitized video dating back to the first running in 1916 that tells the story of the race and the Pikes Peak Highway. The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb addition adds even more unique historical relics to the museum.


 The design of the new Pikes Peak International Hill Climb wing was developed with the idea of the winding road and increasing elevation that the Hill Climb race is known for. P7103761

There are countless cars in this new exhibit. From the cars that Spencer Penrose used for the first hill climb all the way to a few different vehicles from different classes that have been used in recent years.


There are interesting pieces to this museum that are sure to draw in those who love cars and love racing. For instance, a Ducati Multistrada is displayed that was the first bike to finish the race under the 10-minute mark is here as well as the vehicle that crashed off of Devil’s Playground in 2012 where both drivers miraculously walked away.



The museum also brings new ideas in the way of displaying vehicles. One hangs suspended from the ceiling attached to two rails that mimic a road. Another defies gravity by being bolted to a wall.


As you walk down the stairs to end your tour you walk into a “garage” of sorts that will have parts a mechanic would use in past car garages as well as the present. Currently within the garage is a race car simulator that allows visitors to take their shot at race car driving. It gives all the thrill of driving a race car with the safety of a controlled enviroment.

 Once the thrill of driving has worn off you make your way to the exit to see pipes displaying every year of the Hill Climb. The red writing marks when a Hill Climb record was broken.


The Heritage Museum that displays The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb adds to the rich history of Colorado Springs and is a museum that uniquely finds a way to educate its guests on the amazing history of the Hill Climb.

The museum is free and is open Monday – Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 1pm to 5pm. It is located next to Broadmoor Hall and the Summit Restaurant.

Special Edition: Out on the Town

Think Denver has the only hot nightlife in Colorado? Think again. Colorado Springs has its own stand out venues in The Pikes Peak Center and The Broadmoor World Arena, allowing your vacation to include professional shows. Only a few minutes from The Broadmoor, the Pikes Peak Center and The Broadmoor World Arena host concerts featuring huge names in music, comedy, and more.


Let’s take a closer look at the Pikes Peak Center. The main entrance is surrounded with lights that look like they are from an old marque. The inside lobby is modern, filled with fun shapes and cool colors. The major bonus? There are multiple bars with food and drinks available. Due to the capacity of the venue, lines at the bars tend to stay relatively short, giving you plenty of time to grab your refreshments.  Combine the theatre seats and the refreshments on-site and  the experience is luxurious, and almost private, like you have never experienced.


While the center may not be the size of the Pepsi Center or Red Rocks, its intimacy gives it amazing charm. Every seat is a good seat and the layout allows you to feel like the performer is connecting to you specifically.


(Gavin DeGraw)

Don’t be fooled however, The Pikes Peak Center can do lighting, fog, acoustics, and other special effects with the same technicality of larger venues. The artists are able to immerse you in their show as you rock the night away.


So far this summer, The Michael Jackson Tour, Gavin DeGraw, and Matt Nathanson have graced the stage. It is not too late to take in a fantastic show this summer, though. Not to be missed shows through the rest of the summer include Sara Evans, B.B. King, Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, and more. For complete show listings visit http://www.pikespeakcenter.com/ or the Broadmoor calendar at http://www.broadmoor.com/event-calendar/.


Don’t forget to watch for upcoming events at The Broadmoor World Arena as well. In addition to the types of entertainment mentioned above, the Arena will feature sporting events. Want to see the most buzz worthy upcoming event? Click here!

backup 066

Tastings: Calling all Kids!

Summer is the season for family fun!  After paddling around Cheyenne Lake or taking an excursion up to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, you’ll need a place to refuel that’s perfect for the whole family.  We love having our younger guests on property and The Broadmoor has plenty of places just right for the kid in all of us!

New giraffe photo

On a hot summer’s day, a dip in the Infinity Pool is a must.  Whether you are working on your doggy paddle or racing down the water slides, you are sure to have a good time!  When you need a break, check out the Pool Cafe.  Fresh fruit smoothies are perfect for sipping while lounging in your beach chair and soaking in the sun.  If you’ve really worked up an appetite, the grill offers fun entrees like corn dogs and grilled cheese; and you have to try a frozen Chocolate Covered Banana for dessert. Mom and Dad can take advantage of the summer drink specials too!

pool collage1

If it’s too hot to go out, reserve a lane at our bowling alley, PLAY, for some time in the air conditioning.  You can order snacks during the game to keep you going, like Seven Layer Dip or crispy Hand Cut Fries with every topping imaginable. Wash it all down with a minty Grasshopper Milkshake to keep you cool!  If you don’t have time for a round of bowling, PLAY also offers a special youth menu.  Kids 10 and under can enjoy classics like grilled cheese and ballpark hot dogs, or for the more sophisticated child order flatbreads off the all day menu.


Our healthy minded guests will appreciate the “Kid’s Choice!” section of the Natural Epicurean menu.  A Cashew Butter and Jelly Sandwich is a fun twist on a classic, while Sauteed Salmon will intrigue the more adventurous appetite. And all kids dishes are served with fresh vegetables to keep you full and healthy.  Cold-pressed juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious to sip on and good for you too!

Tropical Energy Final


kids chicken

For a sweet snack during the day, stop by Espresso News!  On hot days, grab an ice cream cone to cool off, or enjoy a freshly prepared salad or sandwich for lunch on the go.  They also offer enticing pastries, bursting with fresh fruit all throughout the day.

cone 1



Make reservations to conclude your day with dinner at Ristorante del Lago.  The youth menu offers petite portions of Spaghetti Pomodoro, Rotisserie Chicken, and wood fired pizzas, along with other Italian inspired dishes.  Save room for dessert and try a Tartufo di Pizzo with chocolate and pistachio ice cream and warm chocolate sauce!


Whatever you choose to do during your stay, don’t be afraid to let your inner child shine!


The Broadmoor World Arena

The Broadmoor of Colorado Springs and the World Arena have a rich history together. The original Broadmoor World Arena opened in 1938 as part of the Broadmoor Hotel and was a Rocky Mountain home for Olympic skaters and special events. As of April 2014, The Broadmoor and the Colorado Springs World Arena have come full circle and teamed up once again. The ownership and management is still the same under the Colorado Springs World Arena; however, the center has  regained The Broadmoor’s name.

New Image

 Now that the World Arena is once again associated with The Broadmoor, a Forbes Five Star and AAA Five Diamond luxury resort, and has a new venue services agreement with AEG Facilities, the powerhouse of sports and entertainment, it will become an astonishing facility that exceeds expectations when it comes to the events that will be offered. This partnership is sure to bring joy to all those in the Colorado Springs community, as well as the Pikes Peak Region and beyond.


In the past, people within the community of Colorado Springs would have to venture north to the capital city of Denver in order to see a huge event. However, this new partnership is sure to bring in enormous events that are just a few miles away.


There will be many big events that will be held at The Broadmoor World Arena in the future and in October it will be hosting one of the biggest events in Colorado Springs history. On October 2nd at 7:00pm the Colorado Avalanche and The Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings will be playing their 2014 NHL preseason game at The Broadmoor World Arena. This is the first time in history that professional teams will be playing in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Avalanche v Los Angeles Kings

This game will continue the long-standing pre-season rivalry between the two teams that stretches back over 15 years and includes the annual Kings-Avalanche “Frozen Fury” game played at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada that will now be right here in Colorado Springs.  Tickets for the match-up start at just $25 and range to $80.

Colorado Avalanche v Los Angeles Kings

If the big hockey game isn’t reason enough to come visit Colorado Springs, then take a look at this event! To celebrate the first time Colorado Springs is holding a professional sporting event The Broadmoor resort will be hosting a USA Hockey Foundation Golf Tournament the day before the big game. On October 1, 2014, join the Stanely Cup Champions LA Kings and members of the Colorado Avalanche for a fun day of championship golf, prizes and entertainment at the The Broadmoor links.

West and Main-Ashley Losoya

For more information and to register for the USA Hockey Foundation Golf Tournament click the link below:


Purchase your tickets for the big game by clicking on the link below. And while you’re there check out our exclusive room package for our guests wishing to stay the night before the game.


Many other great events will be happening at The Broadmoor World Arena with big- name artists and comedians, top shows and contests. There will always be something to look forward to! For more information on other events happening at The Broadmoor World Arena please visit:


Tastings: Fourth of July!

The Broadmoor is ready to bring in the Fourth of July with quite a bang!  Whether you are hosting a backyard barbecue of your own, or want to spend the holiday with us, there are plenty of options to please everyone on property.

fireworks main 2

What is Independence Day without fireworks?  Guests are invited to join The Broadmoor for a beautiful fireworks show over Cheyenne Lake.  Before the show begins, you will want to make sure you have the best seat in the hotel!  If you haven’t tried Ristorante del Lago yet, now is your chance!  The menu features a variety of dishes inspired by the best culinary regions of Italy and has choices to please everyone.  Relax with a wood fired pizza at a table overlooking the lake for dinner and a show!  Or choose a seat on the patio of Bar del Lago for a perfect view of the sparkling excitement.  Try one of the wines on tap and indulge in a tempting tiramisu for a sweet end to your evening.

rdl collage 2

On the other side of Cheyenne Lake, The Hotel Bar offers another great view.  Sip on one of the many martinis and cocktails they offer while “Ooh”ing and “Aahh”ing over the colorful display.   And don’t forget to order a round of appetizers to share on the terrace around the warm glow of the stone fireplace!

htb collage 1

Come get “stung” down at The Golden Bee with our special Fourth of July bees!  Take advantage of the rooftop terrace while relaxing and cooling off with a refreshing yard of ale.  Then head downstairs to join in on the live piano ragtime sing along to keep the celebration going!

4th bee 1

If you are choosing to celebrate the holiday at home, The Broadmoor bakery has the perfect additions to your Fourth Feast.  Drop by Espresso News to order Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread, Parker House Rolls, and American Sourdough Loaves that will be available through the weekend.  If you are in the mood for something sweeter, sample some of our patriotic pastries!  Apple Pie, Blueberry Lemon Tart, Red White and Blue Jell-O, and Malted Chocolates Trifle will end your meal on the perfect note.

bread collage 3


Espresso 4th 1

As a hotel guest, you can extend the festivities into the weekend!  ”Fabulous Fifth on the Mountain” will take guests up to Cheyenne Lodge for an evening of family fun.  The All-American buffet will feature favorites like potato salad, ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, and cherry cobbler for dessert!  Entertainment will include a DJ, Hawk Quest featuring Birds of Prey, a balloon artist, and spin art for a night full of activities.

e lodge

Whether you choose to ring in Independence Day on property, or off, The Broadmoor has offerings to compliment every celebration!




Movie Schedule: July 1 – July 15

The Broadmoor’s movie theater is free and open to guests with showings each evening and matinees on the weekend. if you’re staying with us in the next couple of weeks here’s what to expect. Feel free to stop by Espresso’s in the main lobby before the show to pick up a snack and bring it with you. See you there!

Tuesday July 1st

7pm Winter’s Tale – PG13

Wednesday July 2nd

7pm RoboCop – PG13

Friday July 4th

12pm Rio – G

7pm Winter’s Tale – PG13

Saturday July 5th

12pm Despicable Me 2 – PG

7pm RoboCop – PG13

Sunday July 6th

12pm The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – PG13

7pm The Lego Movie – PG

Monday July 7th

7pm Winter’s Tale – PG13

Tuesday July 8th

7pm RoboCop – PG13

Wednesday July 9th

7pm The Lego Movie – PG

Thursday July 10th

7pm Winter’s Tale – PG13

Friday July 11th

7pm RoboCop – PG13

Saturday July 12th

12pm Swimming Upstream – PG13

7pm The Lego Movie – PG

Sunday July 13th

2pm Ray – PG13

7pm Winter’s Tale – PG13

Monday July 14th

7pm RoboCop – PG13

Tuesday July 15th

7pm The Lego Movie – PG