TASTINGS – New Penrose Chef de Cuisine Greg Vassos

Greg Vassos

It is with great pleasure that we announce our new Chef de Cuisine of the Penrose Room – Greg Vassos.   Although Greg is known for his contemporary French and American creations, he has remarkable skill executing delightful farm-to-fork dishes inspired by many cuisines and dictated only by his passion for fresh ingredients.  For it was a clear and simple vision to use only local and ethical ingredients that brought his former restaurant Racine, Pottstown, PA to life and it is this same vision that has underscored his success and will continue here at The Broadmoor.


Greg started his culinary aspirations at a young age and pursued the art with incredible dedication. In the span of nearly two decades, Greg worked in many kitchens on four continents alongside some of the world’s most respected chefs including:  Sergi Arola of Arola, Bruno Menard of the Dining Room and Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin. It was his role as Sous Chef under the direction of three-star Michelin Chef Eric Ripert that provided Greg with invaluable experience and a respect for seafood.002

Greg’s success continued as Chef de Cuisine at The Brasserie by Dean Max in the Cayman Islands. Here he was inspired by the art of French cuisine and began to implement various modern and unconventional techniques. It was during his time at The Brasserie that Greg was invited to cook alongside a team of chefs at the James Beard House in New York City.

His second invitation to The Beard House came during his time as Chef of five-diamond restaurant L’Escalier at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. This time he was invited as Featured Chef.

Vassos gardenHis career blossomed at L’Escalier with his demonstrated skill in haute cuisine, a skill that produced many exciting creations such as pumpkin gnocchi with white truffle foam and his extraordinary Garden Landscape, a whimsical garden with baby turnips, carrots, radishes and ears of corn “growing” from a porcini “soil” base topped with a potato rake and served on a slab of slate.


Greg brings an honest simplicity to even the most complex of dishes. He has a deep understanding for the connection that humans have with food and it is this knowledge that inspires him to delight palates with only the best, farm-fresh ingredients he can find.PRChandelier2

 All of this and more is what makes him a 5 Star 5 Diamond addition to the Penrose Room.

The Broadmoor Wilderness Experience

Things are getting exciting around The Broadmoor this month with our reopening of Emerald Valley Ranch and opening of our new property Cloud Camp! In true Colorado fashion, both these properties are set in a landscape of pure mountain wilderness. This is where The Broadmoor Wilderness Experience got its name.

Emerald Valley Ranch is located only 8 miles away from The Broadmoor, surrounded by over 100,000 acres of the Pike National Forest at 8,200 feet of altitude. The Ranch offers refined rustic luxury inspired by the charm of a wilderness enclave. Not only is it set in the stunning Rocky Mountains but it also has many other attributes to offer.


Activities are a huge part of Emerald Valley Ranch. Many of the intriguing outdoor activities on property include: fly fishing, canoeing and archery. Then there are also many outdoor activities that allow you to journey around the property like, hiking, biking, and horseback riding.


Our new property, Cloud Camp, can definitely be defined as a unique experience. Cloud Camp is scenically located 3,000 feet above The Broadmoor at the top of Cheyenne Mountain. It offers 360 degree views from the main lodge that take your breath away and rustic luxuries within the main lodge and its guest rooms. Because of Cloud Camp’s scenic and steep location we offer three different transportation services: Broadmoor Cadillac, mule ride, or hike. The location is not the only characteristic that makes Cloud Camp a unique destination.


Because Cloud Camp’s setting is on top of a mountain it is inspired by the rustic stone and timber that can be found in our national park lodges. The main lodge is 8,000 sq. ft. and houses a great room, a bar and large stone fireplaces. There are six guest rooms along with 11 guest cabins around the property. One of the wonderful features of Cloud Camp is the luxurious honeymoon suite. If you are the adventurous type Cloud Camp also offers one of the most unique suites in the world created from a two-story fire tower atop a rock precipice.


 In the morning you can wake up to Sunrise Coffee that can be enjoyed on the Lodge’s expansive deck. Yoga will also be offered in the morning to prepare for your day if coffee just isn’t enough. If you aren’t a yogi start your day by discovering the natural wonders of Cheyenne Mountain on a Guided Discovery Hike or you may enjoy a Guided Rock Hound Hike. Then for an evening activity join the Chef for the lodge Cooking Club and prepare the evenings Social Hour hors d’ourves.


 The Broadmoor Wilderness Experience is sure to please anyone looking for unique adventure, as well as five star and five diamond hospitality and service. As a celebration of the 2014 openings of The Ranch at Emerald Valley and Cloud Camp, book your stay during 2014 season and receive 15% off.

To make your reservation for Emerald Valley Ranch please visit:


To make your reservation for Cloud Camp please visit:


The Resort Library

The Main Mezzanine has gained a special new gem that we are proud to offer to our guests. The Pourtales Library gives you the opportunity to check out unique books to delight your imagination by the pool or by the fire.


Pourtales was a Prussian Count who came to America in search of fortune. His strength was in his knowledge of farming and he assisted in bringing the Broadmoor Dairy Farm back to life. From there, he was driven to earn more profit and built the suburbs of Colorado Springs. To increase the value of the homes, Count Pourtales constructed Cheyenne Lake and The Broadmoor Casino.


When it was first built, The Pourtales Room served as a ladies sitting room. The room was fully restored around the historic fireplace to become the library, saving one of the hotel’s treasures. The original opening into the center lounge has also been preserved, serving as a beautiful entryway.

Sitting Room

The books are donations made by a longtime guest so that future guests can enjoy reading at their leisure. Guests are welcome to take books with them around the property and are asked to return them on the honor system.



The library offers classics, best sellers, and children’s books. If you don’t feel like taking a book around property with you, little reading alcoves surround a true reading table in the cozy room decorated with dark wood. The Pourtales Library is always open and books are continuously being added from internal donors.


Movie Schedule: August 16th- 31st

The Broadmoor’s movie theater is free and open to guests with showings each evening and matinees on the weekend. if you’re staying with us in the next couple of weeks here’s what to expect. Feel free to stop by Espresso’s in the main lobby before the show to pick up a snack and bring it with you. See you there!

Saturday August 16th

12pm Joshua- G

7pm Divergent- PG-13

Sunday August 17th

2pm Nim’s Island- G

7pm Bears- G

Monday August 18th

7pm Need for Speed-PG-13

Tuesday August 19th

7pm Divergent - PG-13

Wednesday August 20th

7pm Bears -G

Thursday August 21st

7pm Need for Speed-PG-13

Friday August 22nd

7pm Divergent- PG-13

Saturday August 23rd

12pm The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe- PG

7pm  Bears- G

Sunday August 24th

2pm Shara- PG-13

7pm Need for Speed- PG-13

Monday August 25th

7pm Divergent- PG-13

Tuesday August 26th

7 pm Bears- G

Wednesday August 27th

7pm Need for Speed- PG-13

Thursday August 28th

7pm Divergent- PG-13

Friday August 29th

7pm Bears- G

Saturday August 30th

12pm Bandslam- PG

7pm Need for Speed- PG-13

Sunday August 31st

2pm Ray- PG-13

7pm Divergent- PG-13





Best Friends and Vacations

The Broadmoor prides itself on accommodating guests above and beyond their expectations. One of our favorite ways of doing this is by allowing pets to stay at the resort. The Pitty Pat Club, named after the prized first poodle of The Broadmoor, was designed to please pets and owner alike.


Upon checking in with your pets, your room will be prepared with special Broadmoor bedding and food bowls for use during your stay. Your pets will also be given a complimentary treat and Broadmoor Identification Tag.


Nearby you can find pet sitting services, groomers, and chain pet supply stores. Even more convenient, The Broadmoor Pet Boutique is located in the shopping plaza. Complete with dog beds, bowls, treats, and toys you have all the essentials that you may have forgotten. There are also various pieces of pet inspired art and home décor in this unique boutique.  

Pet Store Sign

Our human guests are not the only ones who can enjoy the resort in luxury. Our exclusive Pitty Pat Pet Menu can be ordered from by simply calling Room Service. This menu includes solid and soft food options for cats and dogs, as well as treats.


Just outside of The Broadmoor property, there are several parks and natural attractions that you can bring your dog to. Garden of the Gods is a sight to see, and your adventurous dog can see it with you.


Pets are a huge part of our lives and that is why Spencer and Julie Penrose wanted to allow pets to join the fun of the hotel! Guest may have two pets per guest room at a fee of $50 per pet per day. We can’t wait to pamper you and all of your family members.

Tastings: Gelato!

There is nothing better than a cool, sweet and creamy dessert to put a smile on anyone’s face.  Ice cream has been a consistent go to for most people, but for a sophisticated twist on an American classic, The Broadmoor’s Executive Pastry Chef Adam Thomas is now making homemade gelato on property the authentic Italian way!


So what’s the difference between ice cream and gelato anyway?  The two treats can be made from the same base of milk, cream, sugar, and flavorings, so the difference lies in texture.  Traditionally, gelato has a more dense and creamy texture than ice cream, because during the production of ice cream, air is churned into the mix to give it a light and fluffy consistency.  Gelato also has a lower fat content than ice cream, with around 3.5% fat, while ice cream usually contains around 10% fat content.

cone 1

To make enough gelato for the entire property, The Broadmoor needs a state of the art machine.  Our pastry kitchen boasts a Bravo Trittico 120 that is capable of making an entire batch of gelato in about 18 minutes!


It begins by adding a base mixture to the upper chamber to be cooked.  From there, it can immediately be sent to the lower chamber to begin cooling, or be left to mature for a more intensely flavored gelato.  Once it reaches the lower chamber, the machine cools the mixture down from 185 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees in just minutes.

close up1

After the gelato is chilled it is extracted from the machine and your favorite flavors can be added!  Strawberry, pistachio, and chocolate can be mixed into the vanilla base for a colorful variety.    Don’t forget to top it off with fresh fruit or chocolate for the perfect frozen treat!


This classic dessert will be served at Ristorante del Lago to complete your authentic Italian meal.  Start by ordering Antipasti with the finest imported meats and cheeses before your main course.  The serving sizes allow you to choose several different dishes to sample, with classic favorites like Penne Alla Norma, Saltimbocca, or Roman Meatballs.  Save room for dessert and order the gelato along with tiramisu or cannolis for a sweet ending you can share!


The Gentlemen of the Pro Cycling Gala

Accompanying Stage 4 of the USA Pro Challenge are cycling experts Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett. That evening, August 21, they will be joining The Broadmoor for a V.I.P reception and dinner including a question and answer session with some of the cyclists.

Broadmoor Hall6

Paul analyzes most of the cycling programming shown on NBC and NBC Sports Network, ranging from the Tour de France to the Tour of California. Paul has covered cycling in the 1996, 2008, and 2012 Olympics making him one of the most well-known cycling announcers. Before working for NBC, Sherwen commentated for ABC Sports and ESPN. Sherwen was a two-time British National Cycling champion in his own right and participated in the Tour de France seven times.


Phil has affectionately been named “The Voice of Cycling” and broadcasts for NBC and NBC Sports Network. He has experience covering eight summer and four winter Olympics. In 2002 he received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Sports Personality and has commentated for a variety of sports. Liggett is also an accomplished writer, creating articles for Cycling Magazine and freelancing in the United Kingdom.


Both men have incredible insights to offer on the race, and now is your chance to ask them your most burning questions. Tickets to the gala are still available, giving you a chance to have an all-access look at the art of examining cycling.


Purchase tickets: https://sportscorp.wufoo.com/forms/2014-usa-pro-challenge-stage-4-gala/.

090314jp 1026



Tastings: What’s New?

For many, staying at The Broadmoor is a timeless family tradition, while others often visit the hotel as locals.  As a frequent guest on property, you might be wondering what new and exciting dining options you have.  Fortunately our creative culinary team is continuously conceptualizing new dishes to please your palate!


The Broadmoor’s newest restaurant, Natural Epicurean focuses on organic, natural and wholesome cuisine that highlights their all day menu.  With a variety of salads, sandwiches, and entrees, there is plenty to try.  Pavo Mole Negro Tacos or a crunchy Greek Salad are light and healthy options for lunch or dinner.  Chef de Cuisine Brian Wallace’s soup de jour is a wonderful accompaniment to a Naturally Raised Turkey Sandwich!  Favorites have included a velvety Black Bean Soup with roasted peppers, and sweet and spicy Tom Yum Soup, but you will have to stop in to see what he dreams up next.


For dinner, Chef Mark Musial takes seasonality serious at Summit!  Order an appetizer of Assiette de Melon teeming with sweet cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon and savory Prosciutto de Parma, all topped with an aged balsamic for a sweet starter.  Summit’s Classic of the Month is a beautiful summer Bouillabaisse, inspired by the classic dish of the French Riviera, and full of fresh swordfish, shrimp, scallops, and mussels.  Mix in house made aioli and soak up the broth with a warm baguette for a scrumptious summer meal.


bouillabaise close

If you want the Five Star Five Diamond experience, but are short on time, head up to the Penrose Lounge to sample the new dessert menu.  The Cylindre de Chocolat is perfect for chocolate lovers, while a Tarte Abricot features fresh fruit.  Pair your sweet treat with a classic cocktail or glass of wine from the extensive European list as you enjoy vistas of property and Cheyenne Mountain.

Cylindre au Chocolat

Tarte Abricot

La Taverne is also sporting a new menu!  Alongside classic favorites like prime rib and premium steaks, you can enjoy seasonal favorites like a Maine Lobster Bisque, Seared Divers Scallops, or Austrian Veal Schnitzel Viennese.  Come in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings for live music from La Taverne orchestra with your dinner.  Sunday through Thursday you can also participate in “Dine at Dusk” from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Enjoy a prix fixe three course menu for only $29.50 per person for a great dinner deal that includes a delicious pie of the day for dessert!

tavern scallops

blueberry lemon marscapone

The Broadmoor may be 96 years old, but there is always something new in our fabulous restaurants!  Make your reservations today to sample them all!


Movie Schedule: August 1- August 15

The Broadmoor’s movie theater is free and open to guests with showings each evening and matinees on the weekend. if you’re staying with us in the next couple of weeks here’s what to expect. Feel free to stop by Espresso’s in the main lobby before the show to pick up a snack and bring it with you. See you there!

Friday August 1st

7pm Transcendence - PG-13

Saturday August 2nd

12pm The Seeker- PG

7pm The Single Mom’s Club- PG-13

Sunday August 3rd

2pm Journey to the Center of the Earth– PG

7pm Rio 2-G

Monday August 4th

7pm Transcendence - PG-13

Tuesday August 5th

7pm The Single Mom’s Club - PG-13

Wednesday August 6th

7pm Rio 2- G

Thursday August 7th

7pm Transcendence- PG-13

Friday August 8th

7pm  The Single Mom’s Club- PG-13

Saturday August 9th

12pm I Am David- PG

7pm Rio 2- G

Sunday August 10th

2pm Holes- PG

7pm Transcendence- PG-13

Monday August 11th

7 pm The Single Mom’s Club- PG-13

Tuesday August 12th

7pm Rio 2- G

Wednesday August 13th

7pm Transcendence- PG-13

Thursday August 14th

Private Showing

Friday August 15th

7pm Rio 2- G







On August 2nd from 11 AM to 4 PM The Broadmoor Spa will be offering complimentary deep conditioning hand and arm quench treatments to hotel guests and members courtesy of ZENTS!  Representatives Candace Lynch and LeAnne LeCrone will be assisting guests in creating their very own signature sent from a variety of options including Pear, Mandarin, and Oolong.  Focused on the individual, ZENTS only uses sustainable ingredients to give you gorgeous, glowing skin.  Before you go, learn more about this mindful company!


Creator Cord Coen developed the idea for ZENTS after traveling to India to recover from a car accident.  After his trip, Mr. Coen found highly concentrated perfumes brought back migraines and sought to create natural products with gentle and organic scents.  All the ingredients of ZENTS come from organic, sustainable, and hand harvested sources to create the purest products possible.  The Coen family farm in Boulder, Colorado grows biodynamic and organic herbs to use in their formulas.


Shea butter for ZENTS comes from a community of women in Africa that hand harvest it, while a small soap maker in the English Countryside triple mills each bar of soap using a centuries old technique.  Unlike many commercial products, ZENTS does not include any parabens, dyes or other synthetic chemicals in their line, and never tests on animals.


Even the packaging comes from recycled materials and is printed with soy based inks.  ZENTS also powers all of their facilities with 100% wind energy and sources from local vendors to minimize their carbon footprint for products that are as good for the environment as they are for your skin!


The result is a line of body washes, shampoos, lotions, bath salts and many more products that come  in several delicate and hand-crafted scents.  A soothing hand and arm quench will leave your skin soft and supple, with a custom scent just for you!  Choose from aromas meant to energize, stimulate, comfort, and cleanse you to create the perfect balance.


Visit The Broadmoor’s Five Star Spa for a healing treatment and check out ZENTS for yourself.  The event will run from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM with no reservations necessary, so you can drop by whenever is convenient for you!  If you enjoy your complimentary consultation, the spa offers the full line of ZENTS products to bring home as well!