We have a lot of characters around here, but the one we most often get questions about is our mascot/Water Fowl Control Officer, Ruger.

Here are some answers:

What kind of dog is he?
We think that he’s a German Shorthaired Pointer mix.

Where did he come from?
Ruger came from an animal rescue group. At the time, we were looking for a new employee in charge of wrangling the geese on the hotel grounds as this position was soon to open up. We did some initial research into what breed of dog would be good for the job, but came across Ruger after the insisting of the staff at the rescue. They knew that he would be great for what we needed him to do.

Where does he live?
Ruger was initially trained by our Assistant Director of Grounds, Troy. Ruger has been with Troy since the beginning and lives at his house with his family when he’s not working.

What does he do?
Ruger is in charge of keeping the geese in their ponds and away from areas where they could get hurt (the golf courses mostly). He is also our mascot/ambassador and is entrusted to make guests feel welcome and at ease.

Where can we find him?
Ruger moves around the resort a lot. But, you’ll often see him in “his spot” – the co-pilot seat of a golf cart.