As the summer heats up and the flowers come to full bloom, The Broadmoor turns its attention to the wonderful world of afternoon tea. To honor the beauty of a summer afternoon at The Broadmoor, we are offering afternoon tea Monday-Saturday  in the West Tower Lobby and giving you the opportunity to make the experience all your own. Here are some fun facts about tea at The Broadmoor and around the world. How will you make the afternoon one to remember?

A Bit of History: The tradition of afternoon tea originated with the 7th duchess of Bedford, a woman named Anna. At this time, people ate strictly three times per day and Anna complained of weariness in the late afternoon. Anna began enjoying a pot of tea and a crumpet around 4pm and so began the tradition of afternoon tea.

Princess for a day: Perhaps one of the most popular kinds of tea celebrations is  princess tea. At The Broadmoor, we embrace imaginations and dress up creations. Let your little one wear her favorite princess attire or imagine yourself as queen for the day!

Parisian Escape: An escape to Paris would likely include French pastries du jour! But you don’t have to go that far to enjoy french fare. Here at The Broadmoor our pastry chef, Johann designs unique and delicious delicacies especially for afternoon tea. Bon appetit!


No matter which path you choose, afternoon tea is sure to be a delight for the whole family. Afternoon Tea is seasonal, please call 719.577.5733 prior to planning your visit.  For more information visit