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The Broadmoor Waltz Club

There’s a group bringing the elegance, charm, and allure of another time to The Broadmoor.

The Broadmoor Waltz Club is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary thus making it the longest continuously active traditional dance club in the U.S.!

This group gathers in the Main Ballroom six times each year to dance twelve different figured waltzes. The events are a sight to see featuring elegant floor-length gowns, long gloves, black ties, beautifully choreographed steps, and the accompaniment of the live Waltz Club Orchestra.

We ask, what exactly is a ‘figured waltz?’ The answer, a figured waltz is one where each couple is performing the same steps so that they circle the ballroom in unison. Makes sense right? For this group, between each waltz, couples dance other ballroom favorites like the foxtrot, tango, and two-step.

The Broadmoor Waltz Club even offers lessons. Twice a week, members who want to brush up on their skills join couples who are just beginning dancers to practice their steps. And Tuesday night classes are free! Don’t worry, at these practices, you won’t have to break out your tux, but you do at official club events – they have a traditional black tie dress code.

Check out the club’s website to find out more and learn how to sign up for classes. The next event is April 11th and we can’t wait to see this group and their dance steps back in the ballroom.


Thanks for being with us Broadmoor Waltz Club.

Holiday Gifts for Kids

 Some of you may have already finished your holiday shopping and you’re fantastic – sit back, relax, drink some cocoa and enjoy the pretty pictures below, for the rest of you…. Get On It! Get to the shops at The Broadmoor pronto! As in, this weekend!

 …no pressure or anything…

 This week’s Gift Guide brings us into the courtyard and to The Children’s Shop.


Disclaimer: there is an overwhelming amount of amazingly cute things and fun toys in the Children’s Shop; to feature everything cool, this blog post would be way too long. Below is just the tip of the iceberg of possible holiday gifts for the smaller people in your life, but we’ll take a stab at it.

 Here goes…

Starting off big, this doll house, that’s the size of the child that will be playing with it, is adorable and has so many fun colors. It doesn’t come with any residents, but you know kids, they’ll find a tenant for it. $245


For kids of any age, drawing/coloring/art is the best! The Children’s Shop carries a variety of kid-safe supplies in bold colors. These sorts of things are a vital part of Holiday Vacation activities.

The Children’s Shop sets up a lot of their toys to be played with on the spot (a dangerous time suck), this one was still in the box, but totally worth noting. A big pirate ship with its own characters. Awesome and $180.

The company Mynus has managed to make monsters that are actually cute – think Mike and Sulley. Their “Ugly Dolls” are very soft and washing machine compatable. They come in a variety of sizes and start at $22. Great companions for kids traveling to The Broadmoor!

Something a little more scary is this dragon puppet. After the madness of gift opening on Christmas morning or Hanukkah evening, the next thing on the to-do is always to play with everything you’ve received. A puppet show is a great holiday activity. For those of whom the dragon may be too intense, don’t worry, the shop carries tens of different plush animal puppets for around $25 each.

Kids are always excited by adult things that are made in their size, especially if it’s on wheels. This convertible is the perfect size for younger kids. The rubber tires are gentle enough and the car is nice enough that it’s great as an indoor toy this winter. $393

The New York landmark Dylan’s Candy Bar has really expanded as of late. They have a whole line of products that are now carried in select stores across the country. The Broadmoor has an area of this shop dedicated to the company’s colorful and tasty treats. In addition to candy, there are some really cute school supplies. Most items are around $15.

For a sampling of Dylan’s without the larger price tag, try one of these lollipops as a stocking stuffer. $3

Another stocking stuffer: funky character keychains made of yarn! The shop has tons of these little guys that remind us of Little Big Planet. $11

Thomas the Train Engine is an iconic toy that never goes out of style. The store has a great selection of train cars and tracks. They even have one setup to play with! Items in the collection start at $6.

Let’s go baby for a minute.
The selection of baby things in the store is just one of those instances where there’s just too much cuteness and the blog may explode if we included it all.
Here’s a quick sampling:

This line of crocheted outwear by Beba Bean are quality pieces that will carry you through the rest of winter. Hats and ponchos come in pink and brown, are 100% cotton and start at $21.

Dress up a baby’s bottom with these holiday bloomers from Mudpie – $17. If you haven’t already checked out Mudpie’s website for baby things, do so, but don’t say we didn’t warn your wallet.

For when babies get a little older and lose their baby teeth… Rich Frog makes these tooth fairy pillows for something soft and fun to put under normal pillows. There’s a variety of designs in the store, each for $7.


At the moment, all children’s apparel in the shop is 20% off. Enticing, we know…

 Every little girl needs some Lily Pulitzer. These dresses start at $48.

Knit winter hats and mittens starting at $23.

Dashing, 100% cotton sweaters by And Then There Was Jake for your family’s holiday get-together. $75 

We couldn’t find a price on this one, but get your young one in the holiday spirit with this quality knit onesie.

Soft animal mittens. Koalas, penguines, and more, oh my. $33

Back to toys and other goods:

 For older girls on your list, cute notebooks, anything with feathers, and jewelry are always a safe bet. Pick up these cool, decorated wooden pencils and a notebook or two. At $9 and $4, respectively, they make great stocking stuffers.

We think these bracelets are so neat. The bands come in a variety of colors and magnetic charms can be interchanged whenever the mood strikes. To start, the bands are $15 and each charm is $4 – $5 and can be collected over time.

Klutz has long been the go-to comany for fun kids activities. When you want to keep them occupied, something from the collection at the shop will certainly do. Here’s just a small sampling. The Pom-Pom Monster Salon is priced at $16.99.

 Last, but definitely not least, no stop to the Children’s Shop is complete without a little indulgence. Hit up their candy bar. Fill up a bag as much as can with some great choices for just $6. Or, if you’re better than us about watching your holiday weight gain, make a bag for those special people on your holiday shopping list.

Thanks for reading this week. We hope this sparked some ideas for you.  As always, we’re here for questions and all of our shops ship – there’s still enough time!


Meet you back here soon.

Happy Holidays,

The Broadmoor