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TASTINGS – All the Buzz

The Golden Bee will be closing for a five month expansion/enhancement project at the end of October (which is going to be awesome), so now is the time to get your fill of The Bee to get you through winter.  With the new menu that just started this week, you won’t have a problem filling up on this gourmet pub food goodness.  On the surface, there doesn’t appear to be many changes to the new menu, so today we tasted our way through it to find out what changed.

Executive Sous Chef of Restaurants Bertrand Bouquin sat with us while we tried four of the “new” menus items today, translating what our taste buds experienced into words.  What we learned was that the new preparations and techniques and a few new ingredients gave the dishes we had a fresh makeover.

We started off light by splitting the Arugula and Roasted Beet Salad with Fried Walnut Breaded Goat Cheese and Whole Grain Mustard Vinaigrette.  The arugula added a fresh peppery flavor to the salad, and the slow roasted beets balanced it out with the perfect sweetness.   The lightly breaded goat cheese was, ummm, simply melt-in-your-mouth delicious. 

Moving along in our sampling bliss, we ordered the Roasted Potato and Cheese Soup.  Bertrand explains that they start by sauteeing potatoes with smoked bacon.  Once pureed, they add smoked cheddar and mild cheddar cheese, and finish it with Bass ale…how appropriate.  The preparation and ingredients create smoky, savory, rich layers of flavor within this hearty and satisfying soup.

We were done messing around with salad and soup at this point and moved onto the main event(s) – Chicken Pot Pie and The G.B. Lamb Burger.  Indulgent, yes.  But what stood out about these dishes was that you could taste each individual ingredient within the dish.  The concentrated flavors of the fresh herbs, cipollini onions, braised chicken and fresh vegetables came from the multi-step preparation.  The flaky puff pastry crust that floated on top perfectly finished the chicken pot pie.


The Golden Bee or “G.B.” Lamb Burger was another example of how the individual ingredients were the stars of the dish.  Ground lamb and pulled lamb shoulder made into a layered patty gave the burger the rich lamb flavor with a unique and pleasing texture. Sauteed onions and Stilton cheese added two more savory layers before the bright yellow pickled tomatoes added a contrasting, tangy flavor.  Everything together = one scrumptious burger.      


You have until November 1st to come to get to The Bee to try these new takes on your old favorites…you won’t be disappointed.  And if you come in October, you’ll go home with one of these little guys…  


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TASTINGS – Olympics-Style


Across the World today, the anticipation for the start of the 2012 Olympic Summer Games is building.  The Friday night plan for millions is to settle in at home and tune into the Opening Ceremonies.  Knowing that the closest most of us will be to London tonight is through our high-def TVs, here’s a menu for an authentic English meal (courtesy of The Golden Bee) to make you feel a bit closer to the action…

First things first, your drink for the evening’s festivities:


Black Velveteen

      • 12 oz. Guinness Stout
    • 4 oz. Strongbow English Dry Cider

Serve in a cold pint glass.  Cheers, mate!




Now, a pub-to-table recipe for your enjoyment this evening:

The Bee’s Authentic Fish ‘n’ Chips

(serves 5)

  • 1/2 lb Flour
  • 1/2 tsp Onion Powder
  • 1 /2 tsp White Pepper
  • 1/8 cup Corn Starch
  • Pinch of Paprika
  • 1 Tbsp Salt
  • 3/4 bottle English Ale (such as Bass)
  • 1 lb Cod
  1. Mix all dry ingredients.
  2. Slowly mix in beer (once beer is in, use right away).
  3. Dredge the fish in flour and dust off excess.
  4. Dip into batter and fry at 350 degrees until golden brown.
  5. Season with sea salt when right out of the fryer.

Serve with freshly made (or purchased) chips.

And right before bed, when you’re watching the last 100 meters, gymnastics routine or minutes of the soccer game, a little something sweet to reward yourself:

Big Ben Sundae

  • Vanilla Ice Cream (as much as you want)
  • Hot Fudge (again, at your discretion)
  • Heath Bar Crumbles (you get the idea)
  • Whipped Cream (yep, keep going)
  • Garnished with a Ginger Snap (you can have two)




Enjoy the Opening Ceremonies!

Announcing $60 Million in Renovations

Great properties that stand the test of time are those that continually evolve while keeping a careful eye on the past. We are pleased to share some exciting improvements that we believe will enhance the overall experience of our guests and allow us remain one of the preeminent resorts in America.

 Unveiling Latest Suite Enhancements 

Constructed and opened with The Broadmoor in 1918, the two-story Southlake building has stood the test of time. Nestled along the southeast curve of Cheyenne Lake between Broadmoor Main and the South Tower, these series of rooms and suites are perennial favorites.

An enhancement project completed this month now brings a new look to Southlake with the addition of balconies, a new entry foyer, lighting, carpeting and furnishings. Southlake maintains its historic appeal, but the rooms and suites have a new distinctive flair.

Call Reservations at 866.837.9520 to book these suites now.

 A New Look for Cheyenne Lodge 

The Broadmoor’s 6,300 square-foot Cheyenne Lodge, adjacent to the Mountain golf course, offers both indoor and outdoor event and conference space. In addition to the views overlooking the mountains and Colorado Springs, the lodge now has a new look that features a handsome, rustic exterior with timbers and split logs, capturing the true essence of Colorado.

Restoration of Historic Pauline Chapel

In 1918, while The Broadmoor was taking form, a chapel was built across from Cheyenne Lake under the supervision of Julie Penrose. It was designed as a “rest” chapel for the use of hotel guests. After a careful restoration, Pauline Chapel is now, once again, a place of prayer and meditation for guests.


 Upcoming Projects for Spring 2013

 •  The Tavern’s Garden Room will be rebuilt to give it a European conservatory feel with an abundance of florals added to the plant life. The Tavern will remain open for dining during this renovation.



•  The popular dining destination and watering hole for locals and guests alike, The Golden Bee, will have an expanded interior, as well as debut a new façade and tented rooftop, reminiscent of a 19th century London pub.

•  A family activity center will be added to Broadmoor West featuring bowling lanes, billiards, board games and electronic games. The activity center is designed to appeal to families, teens and individuals, as well as special events and private group functions.  

  Broadmoor West Renovation Spring 2014

 •  Broadmoor West will experience a comprehensive renovation, expanding the rooms and baths, along with redesigning the exterior of the building to give it the character and charm of our historic main building.
•  A new Italian restaurant will be added with decor reminiscent of a historic Italian villa with a focus on fresh ingredients and authenticity in the food offerings.
•  The current West Lobby Bar will be transformed and include works of art by Western Masters, a living room with fireplace and an outdoor terrace.  

For updates on all of these projects stay connected here and through The Broadmoor’s Facebook page, Twitter feed.

Ah, The Golden Bee…

Never have we gone to such extremes with our passion for our own English-style brew pub than in the last few months; souvenirs, events, free food galore.

The Golden Bee has been a staple gathering place at The Broadmoor for the past 50 years and there are just so many things that we love about it.

Here is the start of a list. This is not a numbered list, however, because how can you really pick a favorite from all of these things?

– It’s a Time Machine – As soon as you walk through the door you are transported to both another time and place. The interior is made up of all of the original fixtures from a 19th century English-pub which were acquired by former head of The Broadmoor, William Thayer Tutt, and re-assembled here in Colorado Springs.
– 50th Birthday Party – Occurred this past May complete with a city-wide scavenger hunt, prizes, food specials, friends, and good times.
– Flying Bee Stickers – Has the amount of variations on these little pieces of sticky fabric gotten out of control? We think not. See below.
– Fish and Chips – Beer Battered. This speaks for itself.
– Ale in Yards – You heard right folks. You can request a liquid amount in YARDS.
– Bee Wallpaper in the Bathroom – Just a cute touch.
– Working Rotary Telephone – The dichotomy of how novel this old piece of equipment can seem is astounding.

– Sing-along – Every night, a by-request piano-led sing-along with song books for everyone (just in case you’ve forgotten the lyrics either before your arrival or because of the events that have transpired since then).
– Pub Cheese – A delicious complimentary never-ending appetizer served with a variety of crackers for you to choose from.
– Bud – Our resident sing-along leader who knows all 100+ lyrics and music by heart. He always has a few other tricks up his sleeve too.
– Pie – Shepard’s, Cottage, Chicken Pot. Made in the traditional English style.
– The Locals – For years, this has been the gathering place for COS locals who, like us, can’t get enough of just about everything that has to do with The Golden Bee.
– Late Night Menu – Sure, it’s past 11pm and you’ve already had dinner, but that was hours ago and you’re still awake. I could eat again…
– Irish Coffee – The bartenders do it special. Maybe it has magical bee dust (honey?) in it. Whatever it is, it’s DELICIOUS.
– Bristol Brewery ESBee Pint – In honor of the 50th anniversary Bristol Brewery created an ale just for The Bee! It debuted at the party, but you can still get it in case you weren’t there.
– Soups – Warm, hearty, and perfect for Autumn and Winter days.
– Open until 1:30am – Every. Night. Like our other bars, we’re here for you when you’re staying at the hotel and aren’t as interested in that 60 piece knife set for only $19.95 as you were 50 minutes ago.
– Cider on Tap – Sure you can buy it in the store, but there’s nothing like a cold, out of the tap Strongbow Cider. Those of you who have spent time in other native English speaking countries can attest to this.
– The Mug Club – The Order of the Pewter Tankard was started at The Golden Bee in 1963 and now has over 1,600 members. These are the most loyal fans of the establishment. Are you one of them?
– Bee Buzz Deals – The best way to be in the know about The Bee. Now on Twitter. Follow @TheBeeBuzzz for food and drink deals. This week: ½ price Fish & Chips at lunch.
If you have an absolute favorite thing about The Golden Bee tell us on our Facebook page!

Read a longer history on The Golden Bee.

Here are some of our favorite Flying Bees from years past.

50th Anniversary Bee

Beach Bee

Golfer Bee

Rocket Bee

In honor of Halloween approaching: Devil, Witch, and Ghost Bee

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