Toque’s Off to Chef Sigi

On April 30, 2012, after 20 years of service, Chef Siegfried “Sigi” Eisenberger retired from The Broadmoor. At his going away party, the room was filled with Sigi’s Broadmoor Family and bittersweet emotions; while we were saying goodbye to seeing him on a daily basis and calling him our executive chef, we weren’t saying goodbye for good.









For those who know him and work with him, it comes as no surprise that Chef Sigi has no intention of “retiring” in the traditional sense.  Taking his personal hobby and passion and turning it into a new business venture, Sigi is launching his new concept “Bio Herbs and More”, growing produce, herbs and a variety of other products. His first client will be his past employer – The Broadmoor.  As the business grows, Sigi plans to supply products to other fine hotels and restaurants, as well as develop herbs for natural product-based cosmetics.



“Having cooked for 50 plus years, I am inspired to take my culinary expertise to a different level, by creating 100% natural products through my own company, Bio Herbs and More,” says Sigi. “Grown only from the four elements plus passion, these “From Chef’s Farm to the Table” products will allow guests of The Broadmoor restaurants to experience the finest natural grown produce, poultry and beef.”




With his new title of “Chef-Farmer”, Sigi is already elbows deep in dirt and out sharing the fruits of his labor.  At the Farmer’s Market event held on the Mountain View Terrace at The Broadmoor last weekend, Sigi and Samantha, his 12 year old daughter, proudly manned the Bio Herbs and More booth.  With everything from chocolate mint, to homemade pesto to wellness tea, Sigi beautifully displayed his products and eagerly explained what he had to offer. 

At the Farm to Table Dinner at Charles Court later that evening, Sigi got to enjoy the dinner as a guest, with no worries of what was going on in the kitchen.  He spent the evening talking about all of the prospects of his new business and the newfound time he had to spend with Samantha. 

After one week in the new biz, Sigi’s constant smile and jovial voice were evidence that he was in the right place – in his career and life.

Toque’s off to Chef Sigi from his Broadmoor Family.

Lindsey Hafemeister

F&B Marketing and PR Manager

The Broadmoor