6 Travel Tips for Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

6 Travel Tips for Long Distance Motorcycle Riding
6 Travel Tips for Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle- Most Indonesian people often travel by two-wheeled vehicles to a number of areas for traveling. Unlike taking a car or public transportation, which is safer and more comfortable, riding a motorbike for long distances requires more preparation.

Destination Areas Here Kompas.com will provide tips on traveling long distances by motorbike for tourists who want to vacation.

Check the condition of the motorcycle

Before traveling on a motorbike, especially for long distances, it is mandatory to check the condition of the motorbike. Make sure the vehicle’s brakes are functioning properly, and check whether the motor mount is comfortable if it will use for a long time, quoted from Kompas.com.

Then also check the condition of the lights, chain, oil, and vehicle engine whether they are good, if you really need service, do it immediately so that nothing bad happens on the way. You can also add vehicle accessories for conveniences, such as handlebars, backrests, suspension, and saddlebags for extra baggage.

If you plan to ride a motorbike at night, add LED lights for clearer vision and also better driving safety.

Keep your body fit

In contrast to riding a car that can protect you from rain or scorching heat, when riding a motorcycle, you have to prepare more. See Photos For diabetics who want to reduce high blood sugar, do sports that are not too hard on the body. To know more information about art you can visit this site artisttoursgroup

We recommend that before traveling long distances, always keep your health so that your body stays fit even though the weather is not friendly. One way is to exercise. Also prepare the items needed when traveling such as raincoats, boots, and waterproof gloves that can save lives.

Don’t stay up late

In addition to the good condition of the motorbike, before traveling long distances, it is better not to stay up late. There are a number of health risks that some people may experience from staying up late, including being more prone to mental health problems and obesity. Go to bed early so you don’t feel sleepy while driving, sleepy while riding a motorbike will be very dangerous, such as an accident. Watch This Danger of microsleep or motorists who fall asleep while traveling also lurks people who are sleep deprived.

Bring the toolkit

It doesn’t matter whether your motorbike is new or old, it is recommended to always carry a toolkit if there is damage to the motorbike on the road. Even though carrying it might be complicated, having a toolkit can be very useful during the trip, especially if the route that is passed by the workshop is not always available. Be sure to travel with basic equipment for roadside emergency repairs in the form of a few spare parts such as additional bulbs, spark plugs, and fuses.

Take advantage of technology

If you’re driving to a new place you’ve never been to before, it’s a good idea to take advantage of existing technology. You can wear a Bluetooth helmet that connect to the cellphone, it can guide the rider easily via GPS.

By utilizing technology, travel can be faster and easier, so it won’t take too long or make the driver confused.

Take a break for snacks and drinks

Traveling by motorbike for a long time makes energy drained and easily tired. It’s a good idea to bring enough drinks and various snacks if you feel tired on the trip. A perfect break should last at least 15 minutes, during which time the rider can drink water to stay hydrated and eat snacks to keep sugar levels in check.

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