8 Vacation Tips on Cruise Ship

8 Vacation Tips on Cruise Ship
8 Vacation Tips on Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship- Not many people in Indonesia have felt the sensation of vacationing on a cruise ship full of luxury. Apart from the fact that the costs required are not small, currently there is no cruise ship tour manager from the country. It’s really sad considering that Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest territorial waters in the world. In fact, if developed, the tourism sector is in great demand.

Although in essence, a cruise ship is a ship, the fact is that a cruise ship is very different from passenger ships in general. A cruise ship can be likened to a hotel that can walk carrying all its residents around various countries. You can enjoy all the facilities at the hotel on a cruise, plus other prestigious facilities. So that your cruise across the high seas in various countries will feel very pleasant.

For those of you who are on a cruise for the first time, we will provide useful tips for you!

Order 3 Months In Advance

You should make your reservation at least 3 months before departure. Ideally 6-8 months in advance. Why? This is done so that you can study each of these cruise ships so that you can determine which one is the most appropriate. The longer the time to order, the cheaper the price will be. Choose a cruise ship with the facilities you really need.

Start from the continent of Asia

As a resident of Asia, you should first navigate the oceans in the Asian Continent. In addition to increasing your knowledge about your hometown, you will also feel more comfortable because you are not far from home. Choose a cruise destination that is amazing and full of experience. This will make you as a passenger feel more calm and confident. To know more about computers you can visit this site webimag

Take 3-5 Days

Each cruise ship offers the experience of sailing the ocean with a different time. Especially for those of you who are the first time and are not used to living at sea, you can choose the regular package with about 3-5 days. You need to know, no matter how comfortable a cruise ship is, the atmosphere is definitely different than you live on land. Usually the first 3 nights you are still adjusting to the ocean conditions. Only after nights 4 and 5, you can enjoy it.

Make sure the food is Halal

As a Muslim, you are still obliged to maintain food only by eating halal and good dishes. The only problem is that cruise ships rarely have halal cuisine. Here it takes your precision to find a cruise ship that has a halal label on every dish it makes. But if you still can’t find it, you can still board the ship. Then at mealtime, you can go to a vegetarian or seafood restaurant.

Prepare an Activity Plan

The cost that you incur when booking a cruise ship ticket includes a bedroom and most of the existing facilities. You can enjoy various rides such as swimming pools, spas, gym centers, and cinemas for free. We recommend that you have planned what activities will be done on a cruise ship so that later you will not be confused yourself because you see so many facilities.

Stop in Another Country

Cruise ships will usually dock several times in the countries they pass through. Don’t stay on the boat! We recommend that you have set aside a special money for a short stop in the country. The time given is usually around 8-10 hours from morning to evening. You can walk alone or use the services of a tour guide available.

Invite People Nearby

Vacations are the most fun when done in groups. Likewise, when you board a cruise ship, you should not go alone with your partner. You can invite the closest people to sail together. This will make the atmosphere on the ship more lively and lively. When touring in other countries, you can also save on expenses because you can jointly rent tour services, vehicles, and order family food packages.

No Need to Dizzy

You are like a big boss when you are on a cruise ship. All your needs will be well catered for by the entire crew of the ship. Likewise with visa processing, several countries in Asia have indeed exempted Indonesian citizens from visas. But for countries that still need a visa, you don’t need to be confused about how to take care of it because they will be well assisted. Some cruise ships even serve visa processing on board because they have cooperated with the country.