Achieving business outcomes with service excellence

Observe proficient administration and execution of customer orders from your customer support team members. These normally require slightly different behaviours, such as strong task orientation, meeting deadlines, attention to detail and desire for quality. Measure the consistency of customer orientated behaviours displayed from front-line team members. These behaviours include a warm and engaging communication style, as well as showing interest and listening to others’ views. Then on several occasions observe and work closely with these staff members.

This process also ensures that you match resources and processes to support the effective achievement of the standard set. Look at ways to increase the team working and understanding between each of these support functions with the customer facing teams. You may also reduce any internal conflict that has arisen in the past, often due to misunderstanding and lack of awareness of differing priorities. Get your team to help you retrieve and store this valuable information. After that, give some thought to how your product or service could better suit their needs. Further tips are provided in understanding customer needs and expectations.

Our offer is a comprehensive range of services to support your business. Parts and service businesses should already be designed for aftermarket complexity, long-term relationship management and service business models but often aren’t or are out of date. Aftermarket excellence therefore requires an upgrade of your business systems, processes and organisation.

SIAM: Rewiring Service Provision

It is perhaps no coincidence that the majority of desired outcomes will be achieved through the delivery of better service. This can be said for both those outcomes that relate to customers and also those that are focused on staff moral, performance and retention. CRM, ITSM and CX all play their part in achieving internal and external customer service excellence. The most important thing is to establish what you want to achieve and then to use any technology as a means to an end. Data and analytics from these tools can be interpreted and performance can be measured, before feeding back into the cycle of continuous improvement and adjustment of your outcome goals.

  • It therefore doesn’t show the full effects of the pandemic – this will become more apparent in the 2023 listing.
  • By defining the desired business outcomes that an organisation would like to achieve, it is possible to explain specifically how technology will help.
  • Mortgage Advice Bureauprovides advice on mortgages, protection and general insurance products.
  • These ground-tested techniques are designed to help you make continuous improvements in your services, streamline your operations, and add ever-increasing value to your customers.
  • Grass Valley Broadcast Solutions Ltdprovides technology for the live media and entertainment market.

Please do challenge us – you should see these values illustrated at each business centre every minute of every day. Choose a training provider who will really get to know your business and who can support your business strategy and service standards. An experienced and engaging training provider will be able to support you and your team in delivering personalised, tailored customer service, in a sustainable way. First class customer service is key to every successful business, regardless of its size, market, product or services it offers. In our modern digital age customers expect both instant results and quality of customer service.

Review individual and team performance regularly

Or secondly, an extension to the product or service they have purchased. All businesses experience customer complaints from time to time, it’s how you handle them that separates you from your competitors. Organisations who continually treat their customers poorly face a constant struggle to grow their business. Repeat business can only be achieved if a customer is willing to return to your company and is satisfied with the level of service they experience. Stephens Scown are delighted to sponsor the Service Excellence category for the 2023 Somerset Business Awards. In order to achieve customer-driven service excellence it’s necessary to first map the customer transaction.

Member Blog: Six simple steps to achieving customer excellence

We have made them clearer, more relevant to the work we do with our customers and easier to find on our website. Firstly, review how your staff feel about the organisation and their managers. Some of the options include staff surveys, staff representative schemes and internal forums. If team members feel valued by their managers and the organisation as a whole, they are likely to perform better and engage with your customers well. Lastly, to help cement a high performance team culture, see our tips on building high performance teams.