Five reasons why you shouldn’t swim with dolphins

Dolphin attraction is one of the main tourist attractions for tourists. However, it turns out that tourists are not allowed to swim with dolphins. Apart from having a bad impact on these animals, it turns out that there are several other reasons why tourists shouldn’t swim with one of the smartest animals on Earth.
Summarized from various sources, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t Swim with dolphins in Punta Cana but Snorkel in Punta Cana

  1. Animals that are prone to stress
    Even though they are the smartest animals on Earth, dolphins are easily stressed if they are placed in captivity or tourist attractions. Researchers have found that swimming with dolphins or touching them can be very stressful. Like humans, physical stress can have harmful effects on animals, especially dolphins. Cortisol levels that rise and exceed the normal range cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.
    Dolphins usually deal with their stress by running or fighting with each other. However, because these animals are in captivity, they also have no purpose and this is what makes them dangerous.
  2. Not Animal Attraction
    Just like elephants or other animals. Dolphins are not really attractive animals. Dolphins are known as intelligent animals and can solve problems. No wonder these animals are often used as attractions in tourist attractions.
    This is why dolphins are often trained with several “tricks” to entertain the audience such as walking with their tails, waving, and even swimming with them. When they are successful in performing, the dolphins will usually be given food.
    This certainly has an impact on the mental health of the dolphin and makes it easily stressed.
  3. Dolphins Can Also Be Aggressive
    Even though they have been trained in such a way, every animal also has certain instincts, including dolphins. Behind the smile and funny behavior of these animals, dolphins are one of the predators in the ocean. In fact, a dolphin could have killed a shark and he felt threatened.
    Likewise, with humans, dolphins can be aggressive even towards their own people. This is what makes dolphins not animals that can be placed in captivity.
  4. Banned in Some Countries
    Several countries have banned tourists from swimming with dolphins. As in New Zealand, tourists are prohibited from swimming with bottlenose dolphins in the Bay of Islands, a popular tourist spot in the country.
    This decision was made after several studies showed human-dolphin interactions could adversely affect marine mammals. A study published in the journal Endangered Species Research in 2010 found that humans who swim too close or touch bottlenose dolphins can stress the dolphins.
    Apart from New Zealand, Hawaii has also imposed this reason for the same reason.
  5. Relating to Hygiene Problems
    Another reason why you shouldn’t swim with dolphins in captivity has to do with hygiene issues. In captivity, you will usually swim in the same pool as other visitors. Germs and diseases can also be transmitted easily between humans and dolphins. In addition, not a few tourists will caress, touch, and kiss the dolphins while swimming with them. Because this is an experience that cannot be missed and they will make the most of it.