Marketing Vs Advertising Strategies Explained 2022 Guide

Surveys provide excellent material for editorial, and are used by many companies for publicity purposes. If you’ve got something newsworthy don’t wait or the opportunity will be lost. Even simple things like staff promotions, qualifications attained, hobby achievements, staff joining, babies, all make acceptable PR stories, and always be on the lookout for the quirky and unusual. Generally journalists are very happy to deal direct with organisations rather than their PR agencies, so don’t be shy.

And while these two concepts are related, there are some critical differences to be aware of when strategies are planned, and decisions are made on how to attract the attention of consumers. The terms marketing and advertising are often used interchangeably. For most small businesses, there isn’t a huge pot of money for marketing.

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How many days between receipt and response for written correspondence. These expectations should where relevant also be developed into specifically agreed standards of performance for certain customers or customer groups – often called Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). Increasingly, customers are interested to know more about the organisation’s values and philosophy as they relate to customers, together with more obvious detailed standards of customer service. Consider what you can be the best at doing for your stated target market or audience. The act of producing and announcing the mission statement is an excellent process for focusing attention on the business’s priorities, and particularly the emphasis on customer service. A business or an organisation is built on values and philosophy.

  • Ask the same question in the case of any other procured services or products, eg., promotional merchandise, exhibition space, etc.
  • Local papers particularly need news submitted by the local community or they have to pay more for journalists to go out and find news.
  • E-commerce is a high-growth, yet highly competitive space, and data analytics has changed the way companies interact with their customers….

Crucially, internet advertising is extremely accessible and usable for very small businesses whereas conventional TV advertising is generally not at all. General guidance about business and product names, your rights to use them, and ways of protecting them, are provided via the UKIntellectual Property Officewebsite. Many of these principles apply internationally, although you should check your local laws for regions beyond the UK and especially beyond Europe.

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When you use direct marketing – whatever the method – ensure you are acting within the law, and have consulted the relevant Preference Service rules . For advertising considered as public information a variety of poster sites are free to the advertiser, so it makes sense to use these freely, supported by some record system so you keep them up-to-date and utilised. Other sites vary according to nature and cost, from large roadside hoardings to buses, taxis and sports grounds. Anywhere that people pass or gather in large numbers is a potential poster site, and as with printed media, audience profile information is usually available.

If your name is John Smith and you start a landscape gardening business called John Smith Landscape Gardening, then John Smith Landscape Gardening is a brand too. Additionally, you can carry out your own research through customer feed-back, surveys, questionnaires and focus groups . This is called primary research, and is tailored to your precise needs. It requires less manipulation, but all types of research need careful analysis. If you are an entrepreneur or leader, or anyone contributing to the planning process, think about what you want to leave behind you; what you’d want to be remembered for. This helps focus on philosophical issues, before attending to processes and profit.

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Promote a ‘Recommend a Friend’ discount so you can capture another email address for your database. If your goal is to provide information and encourage enquiries, your website doesn’t have to be complex . Sometimes the more straightforward you can be, the easier it is for customers to understand your product/service and get in touch. Get creative with content marketing – Regularly publishing and contributing to online content – both on your site and third party sites – will boost your business’s credibility and help with SEO. Lush, the well-known cosmetics brand, has announced its departure from social media platforms Instagram and Facebook as they insist Meta…

It should support the overallmarketing strategy, which supports a brand’s even broader business plan. Marketing is the process of taking goods or services from the concept phase to the point where customers will want to purchase those goods or products from an individual business or brand. If you’re looking to increase your local profile or your target audience enjoys their sport, this could be a great option. You don’t have to be the main sponsor – clubs tend to have a number of options including player, match and stand sponsorship, programme advertising, etc.

Consider and decide about publishing the survey analysis , and how best to convey results and follow-up actions to the respondents and other interested parties. For certain types of market research or attitudinal surveys consider also the PR (Public Relations – publicity) value and opportunities arising from your survey. Subject to rules of privacy and agreement with your respondents, a survey commonly makes excellent press editorial and publicity. Then create questions – seek expert help with writing the questions – it’s important to get this right. Questions that seem clear to you might be confusing to people far removed from the project.