Nurai Island

Our local, national and international research portfolio can provide opportunities to expand or enhance your business, working alongside world and sector-leading academics. We are proud of our unique place and deep roots in our communities. This makes our teaching and research more connected to their needs. Get a glimpse of life with our 2022 Yearbook – our views are clear… In mindful explorations amongst rust-toned bracken. In thoughtful creativity inspired by the year’s golden hour.


Looe Island is part of the Whitsand and Looe Bay Marine Conservation Zone and has a variety of precious wildlife habitats including woodland, maritime, grassland, sand, shingle and rocky reef. So with the space and freedom to do everything, or nothing – our enchanting archipelago guarantees a magical, unforgettable experience. We can let you know about our newest retreats, exclusive offers, featured luxury properties and what’s on. Just let us know your email address and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Staying On Necker Island

The island is known for its beautiful atolls and amazing underwater life covering a total area of 155,000 hectares, about 383,013.3 acres. Here, you find pristine beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out from the sea. Along these beaches, tourists can see fairy tale panorama, more captivating than Leonardo DiCaprio’s getaway in “The Beach”. The crystal clear waters around Wayag Island appear like unreal windows to various types of flora and fauna that live underwater.

  • Prices do not include your airfare and standard personal travel insurance.
  • Our boutique private island resort features a world-class oceanside spa, five fine and casual food and beverage outlets, a beach club, and a calendar of exceptional activities on land and on sea.
  • For sea transportation, ships calling on Port Sorong are the Dorolonda, Labobar, Gunung Dempo, Sinabung, and the Tatamailau.
  • You’ve arrived at your private island paradise with its breathtaking views, New England interiors and gently swaying palms surrounding the house.
  • There are games, and surprises and plenty of fun to be had.

Wayag Island is located in the West Waigeo area of the Raja Ampat Islands, northwest of the large island of Papua. Several connecting flights are needed to reach Papua. To hold your space on the island a 20% deposit is required. However we are always scouting for new island and hope to be releasing new dates soon. Join our waiting list below to be the first know. First, you learn primitive survival skills before challenging yourself in the survival phase with little more than a machete.

Here’s what some of them have to say about their favourite spots. Winter is the time of year when Scillonians draw breath and visitors enjoy a true taste of island life. Further afield, where the car will be needed, there is a plethora of restaurants and activities to enjoy.

Relax And Refresh Amidst An Island Autumn

The Trust is managed by a Board of voluntary Directors. They are elected by the membership to develop the assets of the and take forward plans and projects for the community. There are several subsidiary companies in place to generate income to the Trust that helps to continue to develop the island. Since the community buyout in 2002 the island has gone from strength to strength with a growing population and a sustainable local economy.

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It’s our favorite place that we’ve been to on our entire trip. Alternatively, you can hire a speedboat to take you straight from Sorong to Wayag for a five-hour journey. This will cost about Rp 9 million (about US$ 750) a day.

The two charities have worked together since 1969 to restore and protect all that is cherished and special about Lundy. Every day visit and every overnight stay helps to secure the future of the island and its landscape, buildings and wildlife. Not one but two wood-burners ensure that you can create just the right atmosphere for your planned occasion. ‘The Bar Room’ is the social hub in the evenings complete with bar billiards table, 40″ 3D TV and a fully equipped bar – this makes for a perfect celebration house.