Outfits For A Ski Wedding

Outfits For A Ski Wedding
Outfits For A Ski Wedding

We are all used to the wedding season being during the months of summer, and although fall weddings are a thing, the winter options are less common. But there is a new trend going on and ski weddings are becoming more popular. For someone who loves winter and winter sports, a ski wedding would be the absolute dream.

Getting married and then celebrating on the slope, in your tux and wedding dress sounds lovely, but as a guest, how do you choose your outfit for such a unique event? In this article we have some tips that should help you stay warm and elegant, while also being able to ski safely. Read along and also check out this article on Insider for a more in depth look at ski weddings.


If you think about a traditional wedding, you are probably thinking of buying an elegant dress and some heels. But if you got invited to a ski wedding, it might be tricky to choose the appropriate dress. To make sure you can ski in your wedding outfit, you have to pick a dress that allows you to move freely and is not too stiff. Choose a dress with long sleeves for some added warmth and make sure it’s not too long so it doesn’t get caught up in the skis. Now, of course you won’t ski for a whole day in that outfit, but if the bride and groom are going for a celebratory ride, you want to make sure you can join in.

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Wedding or no wedding, skiing is a winter sport after all…practiced on snow, so you have to keep in mind that the temperature will not be on your side. Wearing some layers on top and under your fancy dress will make sure you won’t have to suffer and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful event. We suggest you add the thickest pair of tights under your dress, get a skin toned turtleneck under your dress, and put on a cardigan on top.

Choose an elegant and cozy cardigan here https://www.keilys.com/irish-cardigans.html so you can still fit the dress code, but don’t ignore this extra step as it will ensure more warmth and comfort. This is a good tip even for the bride, getting a white knit cardigan to wear on top of the wedding dress will be a practical and elegant choice.

Fancy Ski Attire

If you are sensitive to cold weather and you are not even thinking about skiing without a ski costume, this suggestion is for you. Ski costumes are usually sporty, not that fancy and definitely not elegant enough for a wedding, but there are ways to style one. Getting a ski costume in a more elegant color, like a dark red or a deep blue and adding some accessories to it can make it look more elegant and appropriate for a wedding. Make sure you add a belt, for a flattering look and accessorize with jewelry for even more elegance. This way you can stay warm while respecting the dress code of a wedding.