PRINCE2 Project Planning and Management

Project management can be defined as the process of developing and executing projects within organizational framework.  It is the technique of planning, organizing, and controlling materials, activities, and decisions in order to bring about a successful outcome for individual projects or organizations, as well as the entire organization.  organisms and executives, in so doing in this process give thought to end-results. As on a PRINCE2 Courses belfast training.

Project Planning and Management

Project Planning is vital for a project to be implemented properly.  When all parties involved have completed a complete tendering process there are certain important decisions made which include the organization of resources, infrastructure, government regulations, and meeting daily and future deadlines, among others.  Using proper planning for a project assists executives with project problem solving.  When stakeholders view a project in the planning phase, formal permission has been granted to the project team for use of the organization’s resources, space and time, etc.

Project Planning and management also includes outlining, organizing, developing, executing the end results necessary, and responsible for given success factors on projects.  The planning phase of projects involves the assignment of management and contingency duties to all applicable departments, in such a way as to advise and assist the project as it is being implemented.  When planning is done, decisions regarding the individual actions regarding the project are made, and the responsibility for those decisions is assigned to one or two individuals.  After planning, projects are further organized by the project manager, and the process of action memorandum is also summarized in a proper project plan.


Project management is the technique of organization all necessary materials, resources, and information in order to implement the final project.  In projects to launch product a team of people must be prepared.  All those persons must be available at the moment when a quality product is launched.  The project team may be responsible for the project team members, and they agree to their objectives.  There will be a group that plans, organizes, and manages, and should be dedicated to the success of the project’s efforts to be as effective as possible.  Within most cases, a team of select personnel is required to implement a project.

Every agency will require a project plan to be updated and either approved or rejected by the agency director.  Some project teams need to be in place pre-start so that recruiting the team is not a problem.  Some managerial employees provide their services periodically during the project to ensure availability for noncritical customers, and help them to be more productive during the project.

There are certain rules of conducting that all projects must follow such as, routine reporting, record keeping, standard forms for documentation, specific duties, superiors approval, and when specific performance is specified in any document, they are to be followed.


Last in the list of project management is management.  All projects consist of management; management includes all of the departments, the project team, and the key customer.  When management has been correctly directed, plans will be achieved.  When established, a management plan covers all of the actions needed to bring about a successful project.  The project team is then established and the role of the project manager is determined; the project manager will possess the authority to spend the Project budget, manage expenses and provide deliverables.  This team include selected personnel from other departments, project managers, and key team members such as the project sponsor and the project team sponsor.

The company has a viable marketing plan which is approved and the reasons what are projected are announced to the target market.  This plan is then coordinated together with all activities which meet the expected results and performed as established plans.

A tailor-made, customized project plan must be formulated by project managers, managers and teams in order to reach the business impact expected.  The plan must be based on the initial specific requirements detailed in the Statement of Work and produced from that.  When planning a project, the work, schedule, resources, and cost is identified and communicated to all parties in the project.  Next, all necessary staff are selected for quality assurance, and team attendance deemed mandatory.  Next, every major task is recommended for all staff responsible in order to manage it to the appropriate department and personnel.  The team is then split by project team roles by a project manager, which is followed by an agreement and a procedure.

The success of a project is when the planned deliverables meet quality standards in order to meet the budget request; thereby having established a significant achievement to the success of the project.  A team member is no longer the same person, but becomes a member of the team, leading the project and manage the business.  All business and cost overruns are reported to the sponsor for approval.