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Fennel leaf will not be easy to find unless you grow it yourself, so the chopped root will serve as a substitute. To make life easier buy good quality pitted olives. Goose is becoming more and more popular for celebrations. Judy Goodman, an AGA owner, rears her award-winning free-range geese in Worcestershire. Orders can be collected or overnight delivery is available from Here is Judy’s recipe for preparing and cooking your goose. This delicious crumble is the perfect winter comfort food.

Healthy cookbook for weight loss with delicious low calorie recipes. An excellent book for those wishing to start this cooking. Gives appraisals of of different equipment and deals with all aspects of sous vide cooking to get you started. The thing you need to keep in mind is that many of the recipes are variations of the basic. I like that beause it somehow encourages you to experiment and add your own twist to the recipes you are given.

Pudding and snack recipes

These Carrot and Cranberry Muffins are ideal for a healthy breakfast on-the-go. This divine Sherried Turkey Gravy is the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas roast. This savoury strudel is a wonderful winter dish bursting with flavour. Delightfully tart and delicious with bread or toast.

This Mediterranean-style fish stew is really easy, really flavourful, and most of all – super healthy. We left out traditional ingredients like saffron to make it cheaper, and mussels because it was just getting a bit too complicated. We kept it simple with cod and prawns, and it’s delicious. This chicken and sweet potato curry is absolute comfort food goals. Thanks to the spices, it’s gorgeously fragrant, and the addition of coconut milk makes it creamy.

  • Here we have compiled a few recipes from the ancient world, which you can recreate at home to make your own classical feast!
  • With just 15 minutes to prep, this stunning frozen pudding is a favourite go-to for any dinner party.
  • But there’s a way to avoid this heartache, and all it involves is a few batch cooking recipes.
  • AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako shares her recipe for crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside roast potatoes in the Rayburn cooker.
  • Roasting strawberries is a wonderful way to bring out their sweetness, and whilst its not typically an English way of eating strawberries – it is delicious.

Plus, a sigh of relief for those who do the washing up, as this square meal comes in just one dish. A bright, attractive and healthy dish that comes jam-packed with bundles of great flavours. Full of flavour, this Prawn Curry is definitely a dish to impress family and friends. What can be more delicious than a roast leg of pork? Free range pork gives the best crackling and these sweet buttery apples complement the roast.

The timing should be 20 minutes to each 1lb and 20 minutes in addition. When the meat is nearly ready, pound the dates to a pulp and add to the remaining red wine, honey, fish sauce and oil. Bring to the boil in a saucepan and cook out briefly and then thicken with cornflour . When the joint is cooked, remove it from the oven and leave to rest for 10 minutes before carving thick slices and serving with a little of the sauce on the side. Fish sauce and olive oil would undoubtedly have been among the ingredients, along with the honey.

John Torode’s speedy spatchcock chicken

Celebrate America’s Thanksgiving, with this delicious ‘bread’. Flemish Beef Casserole is a traditional Belgian stew, ideal for cold winter evenings. Simple but delicious, these scallops are an elegant dish that will impress. These delicious vegetarian tarts are wonderful as a starter or light lunch.

Spiced chicken kebabs and tomato salad

Thanks for that, I was going to use mould before you told me. At least the large pages will be useful for mopping up the mistakes you make while trying to steam food for the first time unaided. CookNation is the leading publisher of innovative and practical recipe books for the modern, health-conscious cook.

Perfect to accompany your morning coffee or as a sweet after dinner dessert. The cardamom flavoured filling is complemented by the texture of toasted walnuts, all wrapped up in a delicious rich brioche dough. Many thanks to Rayburn specialist Dawn Roads for this fabulous recipe. Easy to prep, pack or freeze these delicious Argentinian Beef Empanadas are the perfect snack for your picnic or packed lunch. This makes a nice starter for 4 or more people, or serve as part of a selection of dishes. A easy and quick bake for the whole family to enjoy, this blackberry and pear sponge pudding recipe can be prepared ahead for the perfect dessert.