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But please note Crosby beach is not a bathing beach and does not have a patrolled bathing area. In addition to this, signage is in place along Crosby Promenade and sea wall at all access points warning people of the potential dangers at Crosby. The signs follow the RNLI’s Guide to Beach Safety Signs, Flags and Symbols ensuring that they meet the requirements of the accepted standard for beach safety signage in the UK.

Beaches on the island nation of Tuvalu, in the South Pacific, were retreating very quickly in the 1990s. Meteorologists linked this to the weather system known as the El Nino-Southern Oscillation . A beach profile describes the landscape of the beach, both above the water and below it. Beaches can be warm, and rich in vegetation such as palm or mangrove trees.

  • They are made from the eroded exoskeletons of tiny animals called corals.
  • Recreational beaches, such as this one on the Gold Coast of Australia, can be shaped and maintained by beach nourishment projects.
  • On its shoreline are 3 hotels, 4 public beaches and a few private beaches for lakeside residents.
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  • Destruction by burning or clearance of the natural vegetation tends to increase the speed and erosive power of runoff from rainfall.

On pebble and shingle the swash is dissipated more quickly because the large particle size allows greater percolation, thereby reducing the power of the backwash, and the beach remains steep. Compacted fine sediments will form a smooth beach surface that resists wind and water erosion. A concrete ramp should follow the natural profile of the beach to prevent it from changing the normal flow of waves, longshore currents, water and wind. A ramp that is below the beach profile will tend to become buried and cease to provide a good surface for vehicular traffic. A ramp or stair that protrudes above the beach profile will tend to disrupt longshore currents creating deposits in front of the ramp, and scouring behind. Concrete ramps are the most expensive vehicular beach accesses to construct requiring use of a quick-drying concrete or a cofferdam to protect them from tidal water during the concrete curing process.

Help us out and take your litter home with you and recycle where possible. Picnics are allowed along Sefton’s beaches, provided visitors make sure they take away all their rubbish when they leave the beach. It is a criminal offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to allow your dog to disturb these birds. Rare species including Natterjack Toads and Great Crested Newts use the many pools in the dunes – dogs MUST be kept out of these areas of water so these protected species can survive. Much of the Sefton coast is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, with a series of nature reserves and protected areas running from Crossens in the north to Waterloo in the south. Sefton Council’s Green Sefton Service manages the beaches at Southport, Ainsdale and Crosby alongside partners and dedicated local volunteers, and at Formby the beach and woodlands are managed by the National Trust.

Southport Lifeboat have their own safety advice about tides, and how to avoid becoming cut off. Be aware of your surroundings and keeping checking behind you that the tide isn’t coming in around you. Please check the tides website before you make your journey especially if you want to see the Antony Gormley statues. The quickest and easiest way to buy your parking contract ticket is to buy online using the e-form. This funding provides essential support to contribute to the costs to provide our services and preserve the natural beauty of our coastline for generations to come.

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However, they can cease to be an effective access surface if they become buried or undermined by erosion by surface runoff coming from the beach head. If the corduroy is not wide enough for vehicles using it, the sediment on either side may be displaced creating a spoon drain that accelerates surface runoff and can quickly lead to serious erosion. Significant erosion of the sediment beside and under the corduroy can render it completely ineffective and make it dangerous to pedestrian users who may fall between the planks. Fine sediment transported from lower down the beach profile will compact if the receding water percolates or soaks into the beach. Compacted sediment is more resistant to movement by turbulent water from succeeding waves.


To remove sand, silt, or other material from the bottom of a body of water. Have you ever visited a beach during a sand-sculpture contest? In 2008, sculptors in Dorset, England, built the world’s only sand hotel. This structure was complete with two beds, a couch, night stands, and a grand entrance, all made of sand. Environmental scientist Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman is known as Dr. Beach.

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Many of the seawalls of Sea Gate crumbled, and more than 25 homes were lost.

Beach-hop your away around Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote – Matagorda, Los Pocillos, Playa Chica and Playa Grande have all been awarded the coveted Blue Flag, too. Is there anything more romantic than a walk along the beach? Treat your partner to a couples holiday and you’ll be feeling the summer love in no time. If you’re looking for some quiet alone time, consider an adults-only stay, or opt for a lively resort hotel in the heart of the action if you like your beach holidays packed with partying. During beach nourishment activities, care must be taken to place new sediments so that the new sediments compact and stabilize before aggressive wave or wind action can erode them.

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Please use the facilities provided and do not use the beaches, dunes or the sea to go to the toilet. For regular visitors, Sefton Council offers a money-saving £60 beach car parking season ticket (non-refundable) for parking on Ainsdale and Southport beaches. For those who drive a hybrid or electric car, or are residents of Sefton, the price is £30.