The Risk of Having A Tulsa Car Accident

A car accident can be a life-changing event. This is a very difficult time for those involved. The last thing an individual will want to worry about and face are financial problems caused by an accident or talking to an insurance company.

The risk of accidents on the road is very possible. Especially if you are someone who often drives. You must be aware of the causes of car accident tulsa to avoid unwanted events. Various factors can influence a person to have an accident on the highway. However, almost half of these accidents are caused by the driver’s own negligence. If you often drive on the highway, it is very important to know what negligence other motorists often do that cause traffic accident to occur.

The driver who is sleepy while driving

Drowsiness while driving is one of the biggest factors that contribute to accidents. A person can be sleepy at any time because they are too tired, sleep-deprived or because they are too late while driving For that, it’s a good idea to drive with someone or put on a song you like. Thus, the atmosphere while driving will be much busier, so you will not feel sleepy. Also, make sure you rest if you experience fatigue while driving.

Too busy playing on the cellphone

The next factor is playing the cellphone when driving on the highway. You’ve probably done this one yourself. Either reply to a short message from a friend/girlfriend or simply pick up an incoming call. There’s nothing wrong with replying to the chat or picking up the phone. It’s just that, when driving, avoid doing multitasking activities because this can disturb your concentration on driving.

Drive recklessly

Often because of the rush, someone drives his car at high speed. This is also one of the factors that cause traffic accidents. Especially if the driver is accompanied by ignoring the existing traffic signs. The risk that is owned is even higher and accidents can happen at any time.

Drunk driving

One of the causes of dangerous car accidents is the influence of alcohol while driving. Avoid drunk driving. Apart from breaking the law, driving while drunk also increases the risk of accidents. You will not only harm yourself but also others.

Don’t pay attention to the condition of the car

The last omission is never to check the condition of the car. It’s good before you drive, make sure in advance how the condition of your car. Starting from the condition of the brakes, engine, tires, and others. Thus, you can drive safely and comfortably. The protection referred to here is special insurance for cars. With this insurance, you don’t have to worry anymore if unexpected things happen while driving. For example, when your car is scratched or badly damaged.

Types of Compensation in Auto Accidents

In a car accident lawsuit, damages include past and future pain and suffering, mental illness and suffering, medical expenses, loss of wages, and loss of ability to earn income. If the accident results in death, then a false death claim is filed. Damage in such cases includes medical and funeral costs, mental illness and suffering for the surviving spouse and young children, loss of support, and loss of future possessions.