Tips for flying with kids

Tips for flying with kids
Tips for flying with kids

TRAVELING- Don’t stress when you have to take your child on a plane. Indeed this is not always easy. Some people think flying with babies and toddlers gets easier as they get older. But each stage has its own problems that must be overcome. In fact, the younger the child, the easier it is to travel with them. You can still enjoy traveling with children, make sure to be prepared, okay?

Boarding a plane with a newborn

Flying with a newborn is easier than a toddler. It’s easy to protect such a tiny baby from exposure to bacteria because he hasn’t moved around much. You can take turns carrying her with your husband. Provide a wet tissue to clean his hands if he touches anything.

Sometimes the problem when flying for babies who are still exclusively breastfed is the problem of a lot of bowel movements. It will be easier if you choose the right diaper to handle it. Also prepare a change of clothes. If the baby is formula-fed, bring an extra bottle of milk, because you can’t predict whether there will be flight delays or not. You can easily get stressed when your baby is hungry and you don’t have a supply of formula and water.

Boarding a plane with a baby aged 3 to 6 months

This is an exciting time to travel with babies. Unlike newborns, babies at this age are already in the early stages of going about their daily routines. While this routine makes the parent’s job easier, it can backfire when baby’s routine doesn’t work as it should during the flight. You can visit this site if you are looking for information about sports lidaweb

Here are some helpful tips for taking your 3-6 month old baby on a plane trip:

Get used to the baby to consume milk and food at room temperature so you don’t have to bother warming them while traveling.

The sling will take up less space in your carry-on bag and leave your hands free to move. This is especially important when you are alone.

Boarding a plane with a baby aged 6 to 12 months

You’ll be busier when you take a child at this age on a plane. Instead of napping, your little one may even jump up and down during the flight. Prepare wet tissues, change of clothes and plastic bags for dirty clothes to be in the cabin. If your little one has eaten solid food, you can bring food that is divided into small portions.

Even though it will be very busy and tired after traveling, but the experience of going with a baby who is still active will be an unforgettable beautiful memory.

Boarding a plane with 1-3 year olds

At this age, you must be prepared for all possible tantrums that may occur while traveling. Mother is the one who knows best how to deal with the mood of the little one. Mother also knows best when she feels hungry, even tired. Be prepared to bring lots of snacks and items that can soothe the child while on the plane.

Keep trying to get children to eat or drink when the plane takes off and lands. Mothers can give him finger food, breastfeed him, ask him to drink from a bottle, or use a pacifier.

Here are some useful tips for mothers when they want to take their 1-3 year old children on a plane:

  • This is the first opportunity to fly with a child when he is able to understand the instructions. Tell about this itinerary to make the child feel good. It can be very helpful if you tell the child what will happen during the trip.
  • Prepare the gadget with a fully charged battery. You can use other objects to distract the child and offer the object first before giving him the gadget. Usually when they use gadgets, sometimes children find it difficult to stop.
  • If the child is under two years of age, it means that he or she is not allowed to sit alone on the plane. But if the flight is long enough and the baby is big, you can reserve a seat for him.

Boarding a plane with children over 3 years old

If a child at this age has never had the experience of flying on an airplane, he or she may be very happy, but also scared. Preschoolers understand quite well that flying on a plane is not a normal condition. This can frighten them. If your child is happy, he or she may not even be able to sit still, which makes the flight unpleasant for both of you.

Try to calm the child by telling stories and observing what is happening around the child. You can buy some books about flying. There are many good books that show children how to behave when on an airplane.