In general, renaming the default category is more suitable for the new website. With this approach, you will change “Uncategorized” to a name that is more related to your website’s content. Let’s take a look at 2 straightforward approaches that we highly recommend you to effectively remove the “Uncategorized” category. Changing the default taxonomy to the category related to your website’s content plays a crucial role in not only leveraging your website but also helping your readers effortlessly navigate your website. In WordPress, when it comes to organizing content, tags and categories are two outstanding and commonly used features.


Do you mean you’d like for the category name appear as an image instead of text on each blog post? We wouldn’t recommend that for accessibility reasons, but please let me know if I’ve misunderstood your question. I am brand new to blogging, use WordPress, and published my first post Monday. My first blog and new draft are both in the uncategorized area. However, I did make the changes per your instructions in the “Name” and “Slug” fields with “miscellaneous-trivia” inserts. In detail, changing the name “Uncategorized in the category will lead to the adjustment in slug and URLs.

Category: Uncategorized

For example, while one’s prototype for the category of beverages may be soda or seltzer, the context of brunch might lead them to select mimosa as a prototypical beverage. The flexibility of the SUSTAIN model is realized through its ability to employ both supervised and unsupervised learning at the cluster level. Therefore, subsequent exposures to the stimulus would be assigned to the correct cluster. SUSTAIN also exhibits flexibility in how it solves both simple and complex categorization problems. Outright, the internal representation of SUSTAIN contains only a single cluster, thus biasing the model towards simple solutions. As problems become increasingly complex (e.g., requiring solutions consisting of multiple stimulus dimensions), additional clusters are incrementally recruited so SUSTAIN can handle the rise in complexity.

  • Categorization is important in learning, prediction, inference, decision making, language, and many forms of organisms’ interaction with their environments.
  • In WordPress, when it comes to organizing content, tags and categories are two outstanding and commonly used features.
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  • Subordinate level (e.g., Dog Rose) – The lowest level of abstraction.
  • What you ultimately name your default post category is largely up to personal preference.

If categorization research investigates how categories are maintained and used, the field of category learning seeks to understand how categories are acquired in the first place. To accomplish this, researchers often employ novel categories of arbitrary objects (e.g., dot matrices) to ensure that participants are entirely unfamiliar with the stimuli. Category learning researchers have generally focused on two distinct forms of category learning. https://www.wikipedia.org/ Classification learning tasks participants with predicting category labels for a stimulus based on its provided features. Classification learning is centered around learning between-category information and the diagnostic features of categories. In contrast, inference learning tasks participants with inferring the presence/value of a category feature based on a provided category label and/or the presence of other category features.

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Social categorization consists of putting human beings into groups in order to identify them based on different criteria. Categorization is a process studied by scholars in cognitive science but can also be studied as a social activity. Social categorization is different from the categorization of other things because it implies that people create categories for themselves and others as human beings. Groups can be created based on ethnicity, country of origin, religion, sexual identity, social privileges, economic privileges, etc. Various ways to sort people exist according to one’s schemas.

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