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For instance, in history and still today, the category of “race” is one of the first categories used to sort people. However, only a few categories of race are commonly https://www.wikipedia.org/ used such as “Black”, “White”, “Asian” etc. It participates in the reduction of the multitude of ethnicities to a few categories based mostly on people’s skin color.


It has been a cornerstone of analytic philosophy and its conceptual analysis, with more recent formulations proposed in the 1990s by Frank Cameron Jackson and Christopher Peacocke. At the beginning of the 20th century, the question of categories was introduced into the empirical social sciences by Durkheim and Mauss, whose pioneering work has been revisited in contemporary scholarship. That said, most blogs display your categories on the main blog page as well as on each individual post. That way, no matter where a visitor is within your blog, they can access a category that interests them. None of your future blog posts will find their way into the abyss of “Uncategorized” classification. On the other hand, if your website has already been developed considerably, it makes more sense for you to choose the second option which is creating a new default category.

Is Renaming An uncategorized Category Or Setting Up A New Default Name Better?

This approach was further explored and systematized by Aristotle in his Categories treatise, where he analyzes the differences between classes and objects. What you ultimately name your default post category is largely up to personal preference. No matter https://www.thebroadmoorblog.com/ what, chances are it’ll be overly broad and not very helpful to your readers from a navigation standpoint. But it won’t look like you flat out forgot to do something, which can help with the overall level of professionalism your blog conveys.

  • In the post-World War II boom, families could afford to retreat to the lakes for a week or two of vacation.
  • Therefore, subsequent exposures to the stimulus would be assigned to the correct cluster.
  • If the category is in the URL, you’ll want to implement a redirect if possible.
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But remember, blog categories are meant to be useful to your readers. Having a blog post classified as “Uncategorized” is about as unhelpful as it gets. With 2 methods to remove an uncategorized category, either renaming the default category or creating a new default category, you will never see any posts assigned to an “Uncategorized” category. SUSTAIN It is often the case that learned category representations vary depending on the learner’s goals, as well as how categories are used during learning. Thus, some categorization researchers suggest that a proper model of categorization needs to be able to account for the variability present in the learner’s goals, tasks, and strategies.

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That said, you can remove it or rename it if you don’t have a need for it. You’ll just want to make sure that you have 301 redirects in place so that visitors aren’t landing on broken pages. The template that seems to be closest to what I am looking for does have, under ‘Categories”, the word – ‘uncategorized’. Yes, I am a ‘newbie’ to the world of blogging, to say the least. The Uncategorized taxonomy causes enormous difficulties for readers in navigating your content.